Gore: Rainbow Dash on a meathook 

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Me trying to get rid of my emotions for the past 16 years resulted in me barely feeling anything good yet feeling all the bad. WTF?

What it's like to have an avoidant attachment style.
Expectation: if someone really wants to be with me, they'll break through my barriers pushing them away.
Reality: nobody cares, so you end up alone.

I'm tired, my head aches, my feet are sore, I've slept for only two hours, the bedbugs are fucking relentless and I can't get rid of them while my grandfather is still alive... Just turn off my head 'till morning, will ya?

Why do I even bother talking to new people? I end up ruining everything anyway...

Inadequate. Useless. Lonely. Why don't I just have apathy to not feel or care?

Why did I decide to go with .ws domain zone again?.. I'm seriously debating whether I should renew it anymore.

You don't realize how insecure you are until you meet someone you like.

Just spent way too much time upgrading my page with Animal Crossing's turnip prices to include a dropdown menu with a history of said prices... t-rg.ws/tmp/turnips.html

Why is this asshole so hard to obtain? Why did I even decide to main this stupid mouse?.. And to top it off, after ≈2 hours of ditto matches he's my worst amiibo! But I still can't beat him...

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