I bought my first SSD yesterday (and another 8 Gb RAM module for my laptop). I installed them and today was reinstalling Windows, because, apparently, you can't just clone HDD to SSD, if you have a Windows partition. In case of Linux, it was literally a case of changing two config values, the system on a cloned partition works perfectly. I had more issues with making my Slackware boot, but it was UEFI that I had to combat. Now my laptop is blazing fast with only a CPU being the bottleneck!

144 hours in... After hatching 894 eggs (!) I finally got it. Except it's 5IV Modest with imperfect Sp. Attack... Seriously??? Why didn't you choose any other stat??? At least there's Hyper Training... All that time wasted during the week was not worth it.

I think I've had enough Pokémon for now. 67+ hours later I have completed the story, have the entire team at level 100 (had it even before the Champion Cup), caught and leveled up gigantamax Corviknight with Mirror Armor ability, have a kickass outfit and a League Card I'm proud of. Finally, I can calm down and get some sleep...

LOL, Pokemon Sword/Shield reinvented old-school TM's and called them TR's.

Last night I downloaded Pokemon Sword (FYI, I placed a pre-order for a physical copy), so this is my life for the next couple of weeks.

I knew OpenBSD's networking won't be as smooth as the docs say (ASUS Eee PC 900).

What a day! First Postal 4, not Slitherkitty releases a new album. Check it out here: slitherkitty.bandcamp.com/albu

If a webpage can't display its main content with Javascript disabled, that's just bad design.

I have officially not watched the entirety of MLP Season 9.

It's a good thing there are multiple implementations of DNS-over-HTTPS (and DNS-over-TLS). However, we still need a widespread use of encrypted SNI. There're a lot of tutorials on how to enable it in a browser, except nothing but Cloudflare supports it on a server side yet, so currently it's kinda pointless. When we finally get ESNI, DNS-based censorship will be a thing of the past and the only problem remaining would be blackhole routes which are easy to bypass with tunnels.

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