Why did I decide to go with .ws domain zone again?.. I'm seriously debating whether I should renew it anymore.

Why is this asshole so hard to obtain? Why did I even decide to main this stupid mouse?.. And to top it off, after ≈2 hours of ditto matches he's my worst amiibo! But I still can't beat him...

144 hours in... After hatching 894 eggs (!) I finally got it. Except it's 5IV Modest with imperfect Sp. Attack... Seriously??? Why didn't you choose any other stat??? At least there's Hyper Training... All that time wasted during the week was not worth it.

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I knew OpenBSD's networking won't be as smooth as the docs say (ASUS Eee PC 900).

I did a thing. Although I don't know why. I was bored. Available homebrew apps for me are either useless or currently useless. Piracy? A lot of games have some online features or require you to download a patch to even start, and going to Nintendo servers is a no-no when using a CFW. Really, a lot of hassle (well, less than with 3DS, but I got lucky for having an early hardware revision) virtually no gain.

My friend finally finished Raichu Libre I commissioned him about half a year ago.

I wanted this amiibo since Super Smash Bros Ultimate had been released. Unfortunately, it didn't exist, so I had to wait until they release one.

OMG, I just noticed that the bag this came in says "How do you want to do this?" on one side and has a map of Wildemount on the other. I almost didn't notice because of postal stickers.

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I bought something that'll make my nights in the near future mostly sleepless.

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