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I have an annoying neighbor somewhere upstairs whose sneezing fit consists of 15 sneezes on average. And I can hear him sneezing even in the room where there's no ventilation.

With everyone creating Discord servers for any and no real reason I came to realize that Discord is pretty much modern IRC and not just Skype+TeamSpeak it was originally advertised.

Не было печали, да дед из больницы выписался. Теперь опять без конца ходит туда-сюда, постоянно включён телевизор без заботы о громкости, не закрываются двери и включается свет, когда другие пытаются поспать.

This whole time I've only had digital version of Pokemon Y on US Nintendo 3DS. Now I finally bought a EU one on cartridge.

I'm missing out on Super Smash Bros Ultimate online fun because actually going online and playing with strangers is too stressful for me 😰

Explicit song 

So, um, this exists. Gave me quite a laugh.

My first amiibo. I already thought him to taunt in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

A YCH I bought from my friend because nobody else wanted to buy it a year ago. Their loss.

Today, Nintendo sent back the Joy-Con I sent them. And it'd been fixed! I don't know why they sent an extra pair of Joy-Cons yesterday, but I'm not complaining. So now I have four Joy-Cons.

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My left Joy-Con was acting up (left stick was constantly losing the center), so I sent it to Nintendo's service center. Yesterday they said they fixed the problem. Just now I received the solution.

Today was my last workday this year. Here's for two weeks of holidays!

Apparently, my chinese pants are tougher than both of these hooks from my keyring chain.

After 72 days (!) of shipping they finally arrived. Let the mischief begin! 😈

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