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Hey, DuckDuckGo finally added a search within the past year, cool.

I did a thing. Although I don't know why. I was bored. Available homebrew apps for me are either useless or currently useless. Piracy? A lot of games have some online features or require you to download a patch to even start, and going to Nintendo servers is a no-no when using a CFW. Really, a lot of hassle (well, less than with 3DS, but I got lucky for having an early hardware revision) virtually no gain.

My friend finally finished Raichu Libre I commissioned him about half a year ago.

I wanted this amiibo since Super Smash Bros Ultimate had been released. Unfortunately, it didn't exist, so I had to wait until they release one.

OMG, I just noticed that the bag this came in says "How do you want to do this?" on one side and has a map of Wildemount on the other. I almost didn't notice because of postal stickers.

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most evil game I've ever played. You sit down to play for a little bit in the morning, then suddenly it's 4AM and you didn't do shit for the entire day.

I've been listening to Critical Role podcast too much. I had a thought scenario about a dialog in a store:
- Can I help you?
- You can certainly try. Roll a d20 and add your proficiency modifier to see if you can help me.

Bought a Hori controller for my Switch so it would play MK11 instead of me. The future we live in...

I bought something that'll make my nights in the near future mostly sleepless.

It's one day late, but still, thanks to my friends for this awesome cake!

Today I was so busy I had to go to work on time. Nonsense!

I have an annoying neighbor somewhere upstairs whose sneezing fit consists of 15 sneezes on average. And I can hear him sneezing even in the room where there's no ventilation.

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