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It's one day late, but still, thanks to my friends for this awesome cake!

Today I was so busy I had to go to work on time. Nonsense!

I have an annoying neighbor somewhere upstairs whose sneezing fit consists of 15 sneezes on average. And I can hear him sneezing even in the room where there's no ventilation.

With everyone creating Discord servers for any and no real reason I came to realize that Discord is pretty much modern IRC and not just Skype+TeamSpeak it was originally advertised.

Не было печали, да дед из больницы выписался. Теперь опять без конца ходит туда-сюда, постоянно включён телевизор без заботы о громкости, не закрываются двери и включается свет, когда другие пытаются поспать.

This whole time I've only had digital version of Pokemon Y on US Nintendo 3DS. Now I finally bought a EU one on cartridge.

I'm missing out on Super Smash Bros Ultimate online fun because actually going online and playing with strangers is too stressful for me 😰

Explicit song 

My first amiibo. I already thought him to taunt in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

A YCH I bought from my friend because nobody else wanted to buy it a year ago. Their loss.

Today, Nintendo sent back the Joy-Con I sent them. And it'd been fixed! I don't know why they sent an extra pair of Joy-Cons yesterday, but I'm not complaining. So now I have four Joy-Cons.

My left Joy-Con was acting up (left stick was constantly losing the center), so I sent it to Nintendo's service center. Yesterday they said they fixed the problem. Just now I received the solution.

Today was my last workday this year. Here's for two weeks of holidays!

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